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It finally happened: I scored a new job with a 40-hour week! It'll mean less time for my fan art, but Adobe CC isn't cheap. Regardless, I will make time for my real passion. Count on it. :thumbsup:


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Benjamin Hopkins
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
United States
The name's Benjamin, but you can just call me Ben, for short. There isn't a whole lot to say about me, only that I've lived a moderately quiet & peaceful life on the west coast of Florida. I was born with a mental disability known as Asperger's syndrome, and even though it's never been easy for me to talk to others, I love to express myself in any way possible. This is often done through art, writing, anything at my disposal.

I've always had a fetish for the art world, especially animation. Besides the usual movies from Disney, Dreamworks, or Don Bluth, any cartoon show that comes my way, be it Japanese or American, is an instant favorite.

Anyways, If you, the audience, ever gets a glance at some my work, you'll have to forgive the incredibly simple style. I'm a busy boy, and have little time for practice. The price of juggling school, family, and finding a job. Enjoy!



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SpikeRamos Featured By Owner May 6, 2018
Thank you so much for the watch!
akshat14561 Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2018  Student Interface Designer
Ben you even gonna answer???
BenjaminHopkins Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2018  Professional Digital Artist
Depends on the question.
akshat14561 Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2018  Student Interface Designer
You gotta just remember me 
BenjaminHopkins Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2018  Professional Digital Artist
Stolen art guy, right? From me and others?
(1 Reply)
Minami-Kousaka Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2018  Student General Artist
Hey, Benjamin-kun, I wrote this excerpt for my Fanfic "You Are Mine":

Right on time, Hirotaka Mishakuji has just come to take those Gyaru girls out on a date.

"Hey, ladies! It's time for you to enjoy yourselves for me for it is my honor to please."

As always, he was so irresistibly hot and the Gyaru girls loved it that they were all going out with him together, but unlike the usual, he had something to say.

"Sorry to break it to you, ladies, but tonight's gonna my last date."

"Eh!!! Nanisore?!?"

"Hirotaka-sama, nooooo!!!!!!"

"Kufufufu~ Sorry not sorry, girls, but I've got some more important things to do now."

Just as expected, she put on her dirty smile possible as she watched her newest butler tell them that he was leaving them for his new Ultimate Girlfriend: Minami.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah. Just pretend it never happened. Why would I surround myself by a bunch of beautiful girls here when it would be my honor to have my new Ojou- Uhhhh, my girlfriend will take of me?"

"That's right, because you're sure as fuck can't look after yourself. Honestly, you're better off without a mind of your own while you're going on a mission. First things first tomorrow, I'm going through all your stuff and getting rid of all that secret stash as well as your beloved Suzuran and Yuzuru merchandise I'm sure you've got stashed around here.
Can't have you lookin' up hot girls in there when you're gonna be my one Hell of a butler soon. Then, I'll get your beloved Yukari-sama and Kurousuke-sama to show you how to train a ninja boy like you every once in a while, maybe work on that sexy body of yours... Well, maybe, I'll wait on him to fight back before we work on that one."

Later on, Hirotaka was giving the Gyaru girls the farewell of a lifetime as she used her Geass on him to wipe away the last vestiges of his former identity before he could attack her with his Lotus Blade as well as his Mantis-Style Kung-Fu, not that he would by the time they went to the Love Hotel. His girlfriend knew what was best for him, after all...

What are your thoughts?
BenjaminHopkins Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2018  Professional Digital Artist
Not bad.
Minami-Kousaka Featured By Owner Edited Mar 30, 2018  Student General Artist

Here's another excerpt I wrote about Human!T.O.M. 3.5, Benjamin-kun:

"Minami, I've come to see you! What's the reason you contacted me?"

T.O.M. removed his visored helmet as he went through the open doorway. The door had been unlocked and her message had told him to come as soon as possible, so he figured he wouldn't mind. However, what he saw was not what he expected at all. No sooner than when he finished his call was the door slammed into him with surprising force. Before he could comprehend what was going on, a spiky blue-haired Karutan Prince had him pinned to the ground. Normally, this wouldn't be a problem, but this Karutan Prince was suprisingly strong and before he could get him off, two more men, while not as strong as the first, came to help him. That's when he saw her.

"Minami, what the Hell is going on?"

"Oh, nothing, T.O.M. You see, I'm just getting tired of my little game and I decided to skip the formalities. As far as anyone knows, you don't exist. And I'm the only girl having you around any way I want..."

"Excuse me?"

"Ooohhh~ No, no, no, no, no, excuuuuuuse me, Oppa. I'm sure you're so very confused, so allow me to illuminate the situation. You're about to become my butler. I'm going to wipe that pretty little robot mind of yours away and reboot it how much I like it, just like I did to these fine boys. Hell, just like I did the other guys back. You're the last one I need. In fact, before I can finish this game I started. I'm sorry about the fact that this has to be so very... Forceful, but I'm getting impatient."

T.O.M. was completely baffled. What the Hell is she talking about? Why would he be her butler? Is she out of her mind?

"You have one minute to release me or I will kick your sexy ass to death!"

"Yeah, no. I'm gonna call that spatz. You know as well as I do that all alone you aren't going to be able to overpower everyone in here. Maybe if it was just me and Prince Hiro, but right now you can barely struggle and with one word I can have more than just two men holding you. Might as well spare your snarky swagger. Kaz, Reiji, grab his arms! Prince Hiro, get off of him and bring him in and hold him down. Let's make this one quick. I want time to play some games with him after I reboot him."
akshat14561 Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2018  Student Interface Designer
Hey... Uh sorry about stealing art and all if you wanna see my face check in my deviant ID.....
P.s Original art is being made in my profile
broartw Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2018
Ben, foxes can't take down things several times larger than they are get your facts right.
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